ALLTOP 20A 40A 60A Best All In One Solar Panel Charge Controller And Inverter

1. Various tracking algorithms are combined to accurately track the
maximum power point in a very short time
2. Innovative maximum power point tracking technology (MPPT),
maximum power point tracking efficiency>99.9%
3. Full digital control technology, charging conversion efficiency up
to 98%
4. The LCD screen dynamically displays the operating data and working
status of the equipment
5.12/24/36/48V system voltage automatic identification
6. With real-time power statistics recording function
7. External temperature sensor, more accurate temperature
compensation, improve battery life
8. Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism, when the
temperature exceeds the set value, the charging current is derated,
thereby reducing the temperature rise of the controller and avoiding
high temperature damage to the controller
9. Double automatic limit function of rated charging current and
charging power
10. Supports liquid, gel, AGM and Li-ion batteries
11. Four-stage charging of lead-acid batteries: MPPT, strong charge,
balanced charge, and float charge
12. Internet of Things wireless communication, Bluetooth
communication or RS-485 communication function optional
13. Bluetooth communication supports mobile APP to realize wireless
monitoring function of solar controller
14. Use high-performance, ultra-low-power Bluetooth dedicated chips
15. Using Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE technology, the communication
distance can be up to 10 meters
16. The wireless communication of the Internet of Things realizes the
remote connection of the controller through IoT/GPRS, without the
need for networking, which is convenient and fast
17. The wireless communication of the Internet of Things can remotely
monitor and control the system through the WeChat applet and PC
18. The wireless communication of the Internet of Things can count and
display the charge and discharge power by project group and month.
19. Use the standard Modbus communication protocol based on the
RS-485 communication bus to maximize the communication needs of
different occasions
20. Excellent EMC design
21. Comprehensive electronic protection

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